What is this all about?

IoT, IT, Security and more

I wish to talk about technology. The 4th industrial revolution is upon us. Better ways to offer products and services and to operate a business are available through cloud computing, the Internet of Things, sensor technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and automation.

I wish to talk about businesses. Technologies open great business opportunities. To seize them established companies undergo digital transformation. This is not easy. Consider a software company moving to the cloud, a vineyard adopting smart farming with Internet connected sensors or an online clothing retailer looking to adopt service automation.

I wish to talk about people. What does it mean for us? as workers? as leaders? What will be our future of work?

My aim is to unearth, uncover, and bring to light trends, opportunities and challenges in the intersection between technology, business and people.

Hasn’t this been discussed? well yes. A lot. But if we are to think about something, to talk about something – let it be what excites us. So if you find it interesting, stick around!

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